Train Intentionally, Not Habitually

Functional patterns emphasises training in patterns aligned to the way humans have evolved to move. Standing, walking, running and throwing are all movements programmed deep in our DNA. The better balanced we are within nature’s rules the better we move and perform.

For many of us our lifestyles and prior exercise decisions are moving us further away from those rules. When we repeat dysfunctional patterns over and over again, our bodies get used to staying within the dysfunction rather than changing. Poor patterns and dysfunction increase the chance of injury every time you move because they constrict your natural movement.

By employing the principles of functional patterns we can undo habits, repair dysfunction and improve postural alignment and stimulate the body in a more intelligent way to unlock better movement and athletic performance.

We teach you tools and techniques that you can do anytime and anywhere. Training with functional patterns can have a powerful impact on your general wellbeing and performance in your chosen sport.

All coaches employed by CORE FOUNDATIONS undego rigorous training and development in this incredible system and are committed to continual professional development. We beleive that this is of paramount importance in order to stay relevent and at the forefront of what we beleive is the most impressive training methodology on the planet.